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Jamie Sinatra and his love of music

Since the earliest time he can remember, Jamie Sinatra has always loved music.

From the young age of just three, Jamie was singing and performing to a captive audience, even though it was only his collection of stuffed toys and, later, his family.

Jamie's grandfather was also a great lover music. His record player seemed to be on constantly, playing a range of Jazz classics from the sultry tones of Ella Fitzgerald to the fantastic Big Band Swing hits of Bobby Darin and Frank Sinatra.

He still remembers sitting on his grandfather’s knee listening to My Way for the first time, seeing a tear roll down his cheek. They weren’t tears of sadness, but of sheer joy of the music he was hearing.

Jamie took his love of music into his teens and performed in a number of world-renowned venues in London’s West End, singing songs from some of the world’s greatest names,

including Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lee Lewis.

As a long-term fan of Robbie Williams, he was delighted to witness the release of Robbie's Big Band Swing tribute album Swing When Your Winning. "That’s when I started really owning the stage", says Jamie, "performing The Rat Pack hits with all of the swagger and charisma of an apparently half-cut Dean Martin, even though the crooner maintained to his dying day that he was always sober and the Scotch in his glass as, in fact, cold tea."